Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Traditional Intricate Indian Handicrafts

Mainly, India focuses on rich art culture and creativity. If you are also keen to know more about Indian handicrafts get ready to experience the diversity in Indian handicrafts.

The rooted handicrafts of wooden and marble crafts in India reflect the richness of ethnic Indian culture and art. These handicrafts of India are affected by a varied range of purposes which are understood and expressed through a wide-ranging study of cultural, social and religious contexts of handicrafts and arts of India. Each state in India has its own legacy and tradition of handicraft. Mainly, Northern India is famous for the delicate beauty of the Art or the handicrafts with fine silver filigree work which portrays with intricate designs. Western India is famous for craft of wood, gems, marble etc. In western India, Jaipur is famous for marble and wooden handicrafts.

Wood is always the decisive modernist material, completing, the ability for direct carving and a direct approach to material. Alluring antique look to Lord Buddha in meditation posture, Lord Ganesh and all others eye touching craft items made by wooden sculpture with outstanding and intricate look are experience the traditional style of handicrafts.
Whereas, marble is precious stone and appealed to work with enamel and gold. As a gift or also as a remarkable piece of decorative item for your collectibles this is the most elegant way to decorate your home. Stylish painted pots, pooja thaali as well as cases for jewelry are available in marble items. It is great to find new styles in vases, flower pots as well as unique creations in regular decorative articles in marble.

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